Focus Areas

Health Care
Strategic Planning

Defining the desired end state for any systemic change is essential; “If you don’t know where you are going, how will you get there?” Trifecta Solutions helps agencies and programs determine the right directions and how to achieve the stated goals as efficiently as possible. We do this by providing frameworks for effective decision making in dynamic environments and establishing clear links between planning and action.

Our experience in this area includes:

  • Developing a medical assessment framework for cooperative health engagements
  • Support our government clients working with NATO allies to improve point of injury/point of care response in casualty evacuation
  • Supporting the implementation of the Air Force Medical Service Strategy including an Environmental Scan
  • Supporting the development of a strategic roadmaps for Air Force Medical Service modernization initiatives
  • Supporting a management assessment of funded Wounded Warrior efforts
  • Supporting the management of a Navy Medicine research portfolio
  • Developing a study design for Veterans Health Administration recognized as the ‘standard’ for future innovation diffusion studies
  • Developing a strategy to enhance the resilience of emergency responders

Health Care

Health care modernization requires changes in systemic business processes or system infrastructure, both of which may impact workflows; successfully implementing change in these areas is one of the greatest challenges in today’s health care environment. Trifecta Solutions supports modernization efforts by defining the principles of the modernization effort, the standards for implementation, and then assessing the progress and impact of the modernization.

Our experience in this area includes:

  • Supporting the implementation and measurement of a remote Intensive Care Unit monitoring technology
  • Bring subject matter expertise to our military client in the development of Artificial Intelligence for TC3 in monitoring technologies
  • Providing senior financial support personnel to manage research portfolios ensuring execution of dollars based on agreed upon research milestones
  • Support for a joint program between the military and VA to develop and publish provider and patient educational materials on a variety of health related issues – messaging that is accurate, informative, succinct, and appealing.
  • Leading the evaluation of a soldier head impact sensor in the training environment
  • Completing an Innovation Diffusion Study for a hands-free communication device that assessed the adoption rate and the impact of the new technology on the quality of patient care
  • Demonstrating best practices for the insertion of a communication technology in a busy  medical center 
  • Developing medical scenarios to test and stress technology and concepts of operation in military exercises
  • Designing use scenarios for Joint Concept Technology Demonstration (JCTD) of a casualty monitoring technology for combat medics and special forces; the JCTD was recognized as the OSD “JCTD of the Year” in 2011

Health Care Assessment

Health care systems are in the midst of great change as they struggle to provide improved care at significantly reduced costs. Assessing and tracking performance, particularly of any innovations, is critical to managing that change effectively. Trifecta Solutions offers the analytical expertise needed to make sense of complex data sets and the ability to craft effective measures of impact and quality.

Our experience in this area includes:

  • Developing the handbook on measures of effectiveness for humanitarian assistance missions for Navy Medicine
  • Analyzing the workload data of deployed military medical units
  • Supporting the development of assessment measures for the Navy health engagement missions in 2013-2022
  • Developing requirements for web-based assessment tools
  • Implementing and testing the assessment tools in an operational environment  
  • Performing Benefits Realization Studies for the Veteran’s Health Affairs Product Effectiveness Team

Health Care Operational Response

In addition to the challenge of providing health care to a population, health care systems must also be prepared to withstand and respond to emergencies and disasters both locally and around the world. Trifecta Solutions offers the experience in medical planning, emergency management, and CBRN defense necessary to support agencies in developing policies, plans, and procedures for medical responses.

Our experience in this area includes:

  • Developing a framework for the effective use of epidemiological models during a public health emergency
  • Serving as key leaders in the development of the DOD Smallpox & Pandemic Influenza Response plans
  • Serving as the Executive Program Director for the Silent Guardian II Demonstration Project for the U.S. Air Force.