We provide a one stop shop for COVID Prevention & Health safety on and off set for tv & Film Productions

COVID Compliance + Health Safety Services

We have successfully provided on and off set COVID Prevention and Health & Safety services for over 60 productions during all phases of production.
We provide COVID Prevention Implementation Plans, Certified Infectious Control support and guidance, COVID Testing and Testing Coordination, COVID-19 Compliance Officers, Consulting Services, and PPE Supplies.
Trifecta Solutions provides cost effective comprehensive solutions to ensure that productions operate safely.

COVID Prevention Implementation Plans

Infection Prevention, Control, and Mitigation Plans are tailored to the production locations, number of cast and crew, creative, and spatial restrictions to determine and mitigate the risks – compliant with Union and Production Company specific guidance.

COVID Compliance/Health Safety Teams

  • COVID Compliance/Health Safety Teams are comprised of experienced public health, healthcare, medical, and production professionals.
    • Health Safety Supervisors on set are mentored by seasoned Certified Infection Control professionals.
    • Health Safety Teams conduct daily personnel health surveys and surveillance on arrival and departure at the production site.
    • Monitor health and safety workflows to ensure they are safe and effective.
    • Provide daily reports to production leadership on any health and safety issues.
    • Support production response to any identified or potential cases of COVID-19 to include contact tracing IAW the latest CDC Guidelines.

COVID Testing and Coordination

  • Testing Coordinators work hand-in-hand with production for pre-work, production, and post-production COVID testing.
  • Trifecta has a trusted testing partner with COVID Film Certification (CFC) to provide a customized testing solution for productions.
  • Trifecta Solutions also has established relationships with other national CLIA-approved labs that provide only FDA and EUA approved COVID testing.

Training – Consulting – PPE

  • COVID Prevention Training providing knowledge on the current COVID variant status and information on individual protective measures with discipline-specific guidance on
    how to modify workflows to enhance health and safety during production.

    • Leadership briefing to discuss methodical process for handling positive test results should they occur.
  • Consulting services addressing specific production issues and positive COVID cases.
  • Completing the Package with assistance in selecting and providing the most effective Personal Protective Equipment, masks, hand sanitizer and stations, air sanitization recommendations, and on site workplace COVID signage.

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