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We are Hiring Health Safety Team Members

Health Safety Team (HST) members work with a production on set/location to provide all aspects of COVID compliance. This includes understanding and following the COVID & Infection Control and Prevention Mitigation Plan. HST provides on and off set guidance and COVID Prevention training for cast and crew. HST monitors daily health check-in, management of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and enforces adherence to zones. HST coordinates COVID testing with production to ensure all cast and crew are meeting the testing requirements.

  • COVID Compliance Officers (CCO)/Health Safety Supervisors (HSS) – completed basic courses on COVID-19 and/or complete and pass a Trifecta-led 8-hour competency course. Will be a leader of the HST and will provide health safety guidance and consultation. Will be in direct contact with production leadership and facilitate prevention and control measures and contact tracing in the instance of a positive COVID case.
  • Assistant COVID Compliance Officers (ACCO)/Health Safety Managers (HSM) – will manage all aspects of COVID compliance on set.
  • Health Safety Coordinators (HSC) – will coordinate multiple HSA personnel.
  • Health Safety Assistants (HSA) – will assist as needed with all aspects of COVID compliance on set.
  • Testing Coordinators (TC) – will work with production to schedule and complete COVID testing requirements for all cast and crew during all phases of production.

All positions may require travel and temporary relocation for a period of time consistent with the needs of the production.

COVID Prevention + Health Safety Team Training

  • We provide COVID compliance training for all our team members to ensure they are prepared to effectively provide COVID prevention on and off set.
  • Our Certified Infection Control (CIC) specialists provide training on the latest information on COVID and variants; CDC and union guidelines; infection control methods, strategies, and tools; risk assessment and mitigation; on set logistics for zones; protective measures; discipline-specific guidance; and much more.
  • Trainees are required to attend customized training for their role and specific to the production size and scope. Trainees are required to pass a competency test to ensure they understand and embrace the requisite information.
  • Trifecta utilizes a mentor program pairing a Certified Infection Control (CIC) specialist with the on set HSS/CCO personnel.

If you are interested in working with us…

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